How to choose a perfect beat and make a #1 chart topping hit record using it.

It’s not hard to write a hit record, especially if you’ve found a well-sounding and inspiring beat. You should notice that a bouncy and catchy beat is 50% of a success. That’s why you should be responsible and spend your time choosing the right production. In this article we will tell you how you can easily find yourself an awesome beat and a talented music producer.

Let’s start from observing the resources. 

There are a lot of different beat sources nowadays, and here are some of most popular ones:

1. – Back in the days this was one of the most popular beat selling websites, which is now steadily losing its audience for various reasons, but despite that, it’s still a huge shelter for thousands of beatmakers worldwide.

2. – A relatively young and promising community of beat makers with an enormous amount of high quality instrumentals. This website is constantly growing rapidly and there is no doubt that it will become one of the main monasteries of producers very soon. There’re a lot of useful options for songwriters on this website, such as a storage for purchased beats, lyrics editor integrated in a beat player, looping function, instant delivery, and much more.

3. – Is also another great place for finding yourself a great beat. It provides the same principle as everywhere: genre related charts, light and clear design, diversity of music producers and so on.

4. – Definitely one of the best places to search an instrumental for your next hit record. Vast majority of self respecting producers have already started their own channels, where they are daily posting beat visualizers with links to their beat stores. Just subscribe to one of their channels and YouTube will immediately offer you similar ones so that you will be able to make yourself a list of your favorite producers quickly.

5. – On this website a lot of rappers and singers believe that it is a great solution to tweet a message like “send beats” and mention their email, but this is rather short-sighted. Your email most likely will get to the list of blind distribution mailing lists. If you think that producers will be spending their time sending their beats to whomever that’s asking for it, they will probably not. And if some of them will, it’ll probably be the amateur ones that are trying to extend their portfolio by any means. So the quality of their beats may not be satisfactory.

Trying to find suitable beats by yourself will be much more reasonable. Considering the variety of beats on the internet these days, it will not be difficult, especially if you will appeal to such phenomenon as “type beats”, that was mentioned in our previous article. If you decide to enlist the help of Twitter, please be sure to specify as many details as possible like; What are you working on? What genre do you need? Are you ready to pay for the work? Otherwise you’ll will be drawn into a lot of unwanted stuff.

Now that we have figured out the beat sources, let’s take a closer look at selection process.

First, you should determine the style in which you want to compose your future hit. Should it be wavy RnB or hard Trap? Maybe a mixture of both? Sometimes inspiration hits you unexpectedly and of course there’ll always be artists who decide what to record “on the go.” But it’s a lot easier to make something good and worthy, if you know how you want the track to sound like. What will be the concept of the track? Which mood should it be in? Which tempo do you need? Answer those questions and then go from there!

Second, do not limit yourself in amount of picked up beats. Usually beat makers allow everybody to download free and tagged versions of beats. So collect as many as you need, but do not get carried away. You can complicate your task.

Now let’s imagine that we have already selected a few producers and have a number of adorable beats. Try to freestyle on them. Make an attempt to come up with a couple of melodies or lines. Imagine the layout of the lyrics. Feel the vibe and always keep your recorder at hand. Resorting to this method will immediately help you distinguish which beat is worth your close attention.

It’s great if majority of the beats will be made in a single style and similar in sound, if you want to release a mixtape or an EP. It’s awesome if you versatile and can jump on any beat and kill it, but don’t forget about one minor thing: a person who chases two rabbits won’t catch either.  Consistent and balanced mixtapes always have greater success and stays longer in people’s playlists. That’s a fact.

The quality of the chosen beats is also very important. Take your time to listen to all the beats you’ve picked, on all accessible equipment. Home acoustic system, studio monitors, auto-sound, cheap headphones and mobile devices. High quality and industry ready beats should be bright and loud on all types of speakers. It’s better to weed out silent, hoarse, muddy and boomy beats immediately, because you will definitely face problems recording them and mixing them. Otherwise get a beat with track-outs so that you will be able to mix it better with your sound engineer. This will definitely help your track to be at the level that it needs to be at.

Take your time to compose something on the beats you’ve picked and be sure to record a demo. Let it be half of the verse or only the chorus. You will be able to hear approximate results and how your voice will be sounding like with the beat. This is very important.

So we’ve decided with the style, found suitable beats, eliminated inappropriate ones, made a couple demo recordings, what’s next?

Now it’s time to assemble a focus group. It can consist of your friends, colleagues, relatives, your subscribers or familiar people from the music industry. Let them hear what you’ve chosen and what you’ve recorded, listen to their opinion. Make a bigger bet on tracks that will be endorsed by a larger amount of listeners.

If you have enough funds and time to prepare the material and you have not found suitable beats from pre-made ones – try to order custom beats from your favorite producers. Show them your demos and who knows maybe they will offer you a discount or a package deal. Ordering custom beatscan be rather expensive but the result can be unexpectedly rewarding.

Do not delay the purchase if you have already made a demo and you are sure about it. If you managed to make a great record to a particular beat, most likely someone else did the same thing, and can outrun you and purchase exclusive rights. In this case you will be unable to even lease this instrumental and your #1 hit record will remain unreleased on your hard drive. It’s a common practice, no joke.

By following these simple tips, you will undoubtedly increase the chances of the success of your future tracks. Spend your time doing your research, don’t be frivolous in this matter and don’t settle for just anything. This is your music and maybe the key to a big musical business and accomplishing your dreams.