6 reasons to buy beats or “should I pay a music producer?”

Nowadays more and more people are becoming involved in singing rapping or songwriting. Thousands of new tracks are daily released on the internet. The Music industry is growing and prospering, but what is behind it? We think that only a few would argue with the fact that music producers are the key to the music industry and the product that they make (we talking about beats) is the valuable source of inspiration for singers, rappers and songwriters. Many artists wonder “should I buy beats or get them for free”? Or “should I pay a music producer and what do I get for that?” Here are 6 reasons why you should lease beats and pay for the beat licensing:

1. Serious attitude to your tracks. Especially if you’re willing to start to treat your expenses for a beat leasing as an investment in yourself and your creativity. “You will never get a serious income if you’re not investing in your occupation.” You can find such line practically in every best-selling business book and this is true. Things that you were paying for automatically become more valuable in your mind than things that was received for free. This can be applied to beats as well, so start with getting your music valuable for yourself first. 

2. Ability to license and sell your music officially, without any fears of getting bans or strikes on popular platforms. We don’t want to lose our hit records, right? Even the cheapest (from $10 to $50) beat license allows you to sell or stream your track anywhere you want, but mostly with some restrictions, such as distribution limits. This also allows you to explore licensing terms or sample contracts of a particular producer before purchasing a beat and make sure that you are not going over your license. Mostly every producer will be glad to extend your beat license for an extra fee if you need it. And feel free to email or call a producer if you don’t understand certain terms or conditions of using their beat. We are pretty sure that you will soon get a detailed explanation.       

3. You’re literally saving and multiplying your money paying a producer for a beat lease. Sounds dissonant but it is true. The thing is that there is absolutely no need to purchase exclusiverights to a beat (which can be rather expensive) if you just started your career as a musician and want to record your first promo mixtape. In most cases, you can even forget about paying royalties to a music producer, because many of them conduct royalty free policy. You can make profits up to thousands of dollars spending just $40 or so! In addition, providing package discounts and such deals as “buy 1 get 1 free” deals have become a common practice in online beat selling, so you’re always getting more than you expected.

4. Well known producers can give you an exposure. Most eminent beat makers have web pages where they spotlight artists that are using their production. So do not forget to send back a result of your work to your music producer, because he can possibly give you a shout out in Facebook or Twitter which undoubtedly will have a good effect on the promotion of your music. If a producer adores your work and shows love for it, you both can try to find ways to promote and monetize the result of your collaboration, especially if you are a promising upcoming rapper or singer. But if you didn’t paid for the beats you used, you shouldn’t count on any condescension.        

5. You will get an untagged instrumental in the highest quality as possible unlike free beats. Professionals usually buy a beat licenses that include track stems (track outs). Do not spare your money if you have an opportunity to purchase an extended beat license, because this gives you an ability for more precise mixing with your engineer. As a result, this step can significantly improve the quality of your final mixes and your audience will definitely hear and appreciate that. As for the free to use instrumentals, you can hardly find tag-less ones that will be in WAV format or tracked-out. Tagged beats are made for trial purposes such as demo recordings.  

6. Finally, it is all about showing support and appreciation. Notice that most full time music producers spend enormous amount of time and effort creating beats that you’re probably going to use. Moreover, vast majority of music producers are taking expenses for running their studios, so buying a beat can be the best way to thank a producer for his work and start to build a long-term partnership on a mutual basis. Decent producers usually please their regular customers and provide bigger discounts, exclusive content and package deals for them.

Overall, paying for beats nowadays is simple a necessity, especially if you’re deciding to find yourself a place in the music industry. It will not take enormous funds, instead it will save you from unwanted troubles with licensing and distribution and will bring your tracks to a qualitatively new level. We really hope this article was useful and informative to you. Appreciate your producers and it will be rewarded!